The Adeptus Terra Podcast Episode 34 ‘A Scar across the universe’
Jun 29th,2017

Hello and welcome to the New episode of The Adeptus Terra Podcast episode 34 'A Scar across the universe’

This Month we will discuss how much after last month we have done, the giant gaping hole that now finds its place through the centre of the universe and how we are doing with 6 months in to our yearly hobby dreams

Welcome 00:00 - 00:05

News from terra 00:05 - 00:48

Pain and joy  00:48 - 01:14

40k spotlight 01:14 - 03:34

life in the hobby 03:34 - 03:53

close 03:53 - 03:59

Bloopers 03:59 - end

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