Hello and Thank you for downloading and listening to The Adeptus Terra Podcast Episode 11 'Super Size Me'.

This is the 11th show where we will discuss what we have done over the last month, our hobby progress and various topics from the 40K universe.
Sit back relax (unless your listening to this standing up or running, cycling or any other activity that requires you to pay attention to what your doing) and enjoy the show!!!
Running order:
Intro and News from Terra - 0:00 - 01:10:44
Pain and Joy of 40K - 01:11:24 - 01:34:08
40K spotlight - 01:34:42 - 02:41:49
Life in the hobby - 02:42:22 - 03:13:20
Bloopers - 03:16:38 - END

Sam and Matt
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