Hello and welcome to The Adeptus Terra Podcast Episode 22  'Release the Kraken/Failing like champions 2'

This is the 22nd show where we will discuss what we have done over the last month, our hobby progress and various topics from the 40k universe. 

This Month we will look at Tyranids.  

So sit back, relax and suspect every one as a host.  

News from Terra 0:00 - 1:00 
Pain and joy of 40K 1:00 - 1:27
40K spotlight 1:27 - 2:52
Life in the hobby 2:52 - 3:34  
Hobby commitments 3:34 - 3:39 
Bloopers 3:39 - End  

The Frayed Paintbrush Hobby Progress Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/343258932550746/
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